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“Approachable and funny, yet deadly serious. It took us three years to make a film to explain the complex issues distilled so expertly in this little black book.”

Jeff Orlowski

Director, Netflix Phenomenon, The Social Dilemma

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How did we go from short, 180-character tweets to attempted coups in less than two decades? How much data does Facebook really have on me? Is my Amazon Alexa listening to me? The Little Black Book of Social Media demystifies these seemingly complex topics to help you understand how our very way of life is under threat and what you can do about it before it’s too late.


Powered by your personal data, social media has transformed our way of life, from how we get information, meet people and create increasingly siloed communities. This has had a profound impact on democratic society. Our shared reality - the way we collectively understand the world - has rapidly been replaced by conflicting micro-realities that are often fueled by conspiracy theories, lies and “fake news.” This has been driven by a business model that supposedly gives us everything for free. All we have to do is give up our personal data and privacy. If you aren’t paying for the product, then you are the product.

The Next Little Black Book in Kyle Taylor's Best-Selling Series

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“Kyle Taylor has done a tremendous service by demystifying this existential threat to democracy.”

-Jesse Lehrich

Former Foreign Policy Spokesperson for Hillary Clinton

“This book shows how as individuals we are not helpless - we can fight back.”

-Caroline Lucas

Member of UK Parliament

"Kyle Taylor tells us what we need to know and what we can do about it. Everyone should read this book!"

-Roger McNamee

 Author of the New York Times best seller

Zucked: Waking Up to the Facebook Catastrophe

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About Kyle Taylor

Kyle Taylor is the creator of the “Little Black Book” series. This book was originally published as “The Little Black Book of Data and Democracy” in March 2021 and has been updated and republished as “The Little Black Book of Social Media” to ensure it remains on the cutting edge of these important issues.


Kyle is the founder of Fair Vote UK, which published whistleblower evidence of Vote Leave’s lawbreaking in the EU referendum and supported Chris Wylie’s whistleblower revelations around Cambridge Analytica’s global data theft and misappropriation. He is a leading campaigner on digital democracy reform and platform regulation. He has has spent the last half-decade working to hold lying politicians like Boris Johnson to account, which inspired The Little Black Book of Lying Boris Johnson, published in December 2022.


Kyle was the Campaign Director and Chief of Staff to a UK government minister and has worked on half a dozen election campaigns in the UK and the USA, including the 2016 US Presidential Campaign and the 2020 US Georgia Senate Runoff. He is a graduate of American University and the London School of Economics and a Peace Centre Fellow in Tokyo, Japan where his work is focussed on disinformation and the erosion of democracy. This is his fourth book and the third in the Little Black Book series.



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